zaterdag 17 juli 2010

Hair drying specialist

Would you for once a professional hair dryer that is as strong as that of the barber? A funny picture is shown at wikipedia Then there are several good reasons to go for one compared to a regular hairdryer for personal use. The engine usuallu not only provides more wind power, but also ensures that the dryer is having a longer life time than a hair dryer with a cheap engine.

An ion generator is often part of the set when buying the best professional hair dryer. With this you can reduce static charge of hair, let the hair dry faster and create a beautiful sheen. The tourmaline ceramic grid provides a uniform heat distribution and a frizz free styling.

Tip 1: Keep the air moving and make sure you always keep the hairdryer at least 15 inches away of your hair. The number one cause of damaged hair while using a dryer is the fact that your hair is exposed to the heat too long.

Tip 2: Point the airflow always to go along the hair shaft towards the ends of your hair (except when you straight blow your hair). The risk that the air flow damages the surface of the hair is minimized. The hair will look softer.

Tip 3: Prior to using the hairdryer always use a good protective conditioner.

By the way if you are interested, you can buy the ETI Black Professional Turbo 2000 Hairdryer. 2 Speed, 4 Heat settings, 1500 watt at Amazon!

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